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Message  Akodo_Tenrou le Jeu 4 Juin - 12:32

The Player Design Team is pleased to give players a look at the primary themes of each Clan, as they are planned for the Celestial Edition arc. Today a look at the Crane Clan.

Primary Themes


The Daidoji make up much of the Crane’s army, represented by Scouts, and will be the main way for Crane to attack. The Daidoji are fierce fighters employing hit and run tactics and turning their intimate knowledge of the lay of the land to their advantage. Like all Cranes, the Scouts will be good at gaining honor. Unlike the Courtiers of the clan, the Scouts do not gain honor by their victories in court, but rather their victories on the battlefield. They will be significantly more adept at defending than other Clan’s Scouts. Crane Scouts tend to be more expensive and have higher force than other clans’ scouts, as they work in as part of the elite Iron Samurai of the Daidoji family that defend the Crane from all attackers.

Their victory condition is military and honor switch


Courtiers and Magistrates make up the political muscle of the clan. Crane Courtiers are superb at gaining honor. They are masters of the court with impeccable rhetoric and oratory. The Magistrates are not only good at bringing honor to the clan, but in doing so they can bring equal dishonor of their enemies. Crane Courtiers and Magistrates differentiate themselves from other clans in that they use political intrigue to always show the Crane in the most favorable way possible and make their enemies look bad by comparison.

Courtiers and Magistrates will win both through honor and dishonor for their opponents.

Secondary Themes


The Crane are famous for their beautiful art – be it poetry, crafts or music. The Crane are the rich and famous of Rokugani life, and this is where their Artisans excel. Crane Artisans not only make beautiful works of art, but they know how to use these talents to their advantage through strategically placed gifts. Crane Artisans are masters of using their works to manipulate others, forcing their enemies to either accept, gaining advantages for their clan, or refuse, forcing disadvantages on their enemies. A spectacular gift from a Crane Artisan can be both a treasure and a curse.

Crane Artisans are a pure honor deck.


Art for the Crane enters every part of life. And the art of dueling is no exception, if somewhat more deadly for their enemies. The Kakita duelists are master of Iaijutsu, rivaled only by the sword masters of the Mirumoto. Duelists will not make up a deck of themselves, but rather they will enhance other decks. Duels and Duelists are very powerful and create a lethal combination when used properly. Being manipulated into a duel with a Crane is tantamount to a death sentence, and the Crane are masters of forcing this situation upon their foes. Where Crane duelists differentiate themselves from other Duelists is how they win – through the single perfect strike. This is represented through their ability to manipulate Focus Values better than their Dragon rivals.

Crane duelists will be part of Crane’s honor decks whether they include a dishonor element or not.

Any man can be prepared to kill - a samurai is prepared to die.

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