[KK] Militaire (super-friends), par Scott Rixon le super-héron

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[KK] Militaire (super-friends), par Scott Rixon le super-héron Empty [KK] Militaire (super-friends), par Scott Rixon le super-héron

Message  Doji Loïc le Mer 26 Nov - 18:38

Dans la série "rendons hommage aux héros du Clan" voici le deck militaire super-friends de Scott Rixon alias Yasuki Blidao, l'un des meilleurs et des plus célèbres joueurs Grue, champion du monde en 2005, sauveur de l'illumination en Lotus, co-auteur de la victoire de Jimen face à Noritoshi au dernier championnat d'Emeraude.

Kyuden Kyotei (40/40)

1 A New Wall
1 I Am Ready

1 Castle Gate
3 Famous Bazaar
3 Fortified Camp
3 Marketplace
3 Secluded Village
3 Secluded Waystation
1 Shrine to Fukurokujin

1 Daidoji Kikaze XP2
1 Doji Jun'ai XP
1 Bayushi Tsimaru XP
1 Hida Rikyu XP
1 Hida Sozen XP2
1 Moto Chen XP2
1 Moto Choon-yei
1 Shiba Aikune XP3
1 Tsuruchi Etsui XP
1 Utagawa XP

3 Daidoji Akagi
3 Daidoji Gempachi
3 Daidoji Zoushi
3 Daidoji Teruo

1 Ring of Water
1 Emerald Champion's Mempo
3 Borrowed Advisors
2 Traveling Ronin
3 Wandering Budoka

2 Crude Trap
2 Desperate Wager
3 Dissent
3 Doomed Intentions
3 Draw Your Blade
3 Furious Assault
3 Hired Killer
3 Ordered Retreat
3 Stay Your Blade
3 Standing Fast
2 Versatile Army

La version ci-dessus est la plus récente (16 juin 2008). Trois l'ont précédée que vous pourrez découvrir ainsi que plus d'informations sur Home of the Crane Clan. Ci-dessous je retranscris certains de ses commentaires.

Gempachi was awesome!! Even if only he gets the force boost it's good. Most often he makes my smaller people bigger. Can't always have Sozen and Aikune out early game. In short, Gempachi was the juice.
Gempachi and Toyoaki both also serve the role of 7g for 3ph to help make Rich Frog click, offset Hired Killer, and allow me to buy Aikune.

Funny part is that this deck is designed to beat military, and does a fantastic job at it. Promise I have more battle actions that you. Just so happens that I played 2 honor decks in Swiss and 2 in Top 16, which are supposed to be my bad matchup. Guess I was wrong.

A Soldier's Fate is really solid. This deck is not all about buying 1 cool unique and running the board. Of course an early Aikune or Sozen is sweet. In battle they still have to deal with my 3ph peeps, so this works fine. Worst case it is force bonus for anyone, and can be used to tactician.

The decklist is solid, but you can always swap out a few people or fate cards without disrupting the flow. I've got a couple of changes I am playing around with for Nebraska in two weeks.

Felt that I didn't need Unfortunate. Honor is good, but not super fast or consistent. I do play Hired Killer to pick off any key personaliities. I decided to run Desperate Wager, which I feel is better than Unfortunate because my win condition is military, and I can draw it on the last turn with Tsi-Blade and/or Stay Your Blade.

I think the Khan is pretty crappy for this type of deck. Paying 5g for 3g is horrible, even if it rarely produces 4g for cav. The unopposed movement is nice, but I don't really need it. If anything it will slow me down too much against other decks, in addition to my personality gold cost being rather high. I was playing Unwavering Assault for awhile, but came to the conclusion that I didn't need them. 90% of the time a Doomed Intentions did the same thing.

Desperate Wager and Unfortunate both help you beat honor. I doubt that I need to play both, especially after how well this deck performed in Manhattan. If anything Desperate Wager is a better card slot because I can draw it in battle if I don't already have it on the last turn. Drawing into an Unfortunate would do me no good. I am still considering options that are opposed to both of them.

For example, in most situations I am needing Desperate Wager because I am a turn too slow. I am a turn too slow because I am giving up turns to Outer Walls and Three Stone River. Traveling Ronin would solve both of those problems earlier if I had them in hand. In addition it would be a card I could at least use in non-honor match-ups as well. I will test and see how they work out for me. Until then, I will probably still stick with the 2Desperate Wager.

Sun Doru and Ieshige were both in my possible list of people, but were cut because I figured they were too small. I'll swap them back in and see if they make the final cut. I also have been playing with Choon-Yei and Terumoto. Fate side I have been considering Versatile Army and Misdirection (which got tons better with the increase in use of Refugees, Draw Your Blade, and Ordered Retreat).

Traveling Ronin is excellent. It solves the problem about Three Stone, Outer Walls, Refugees and is useful against military decks. Running 2 of it and 2 Desperate Wagers is all I need for honor. I like the Ronin and Wagers because you can draw them in battle and still be useful when your opponent crosses 40.

Aikune works with no problem. Like any personality, if you can't buy it that turn, just pitch them. That's the best part about running Family Library; it means you never get a bad turn of all gold. Just try to buy a Crane person for full early so you don't have to worry about honor-locking yourself with Hired Killer or Furious Assault.

Scorpion Dishonor. Well, it depends if it is dishonor bomb or controlled dishonor. Bomb usually beats itself with inconsistent games. However, the one you want to watch for is the one out of Dragon (about 2 turns faster and more consistent). Like against certain honor decks, buy out without attacking for as long as you can. They get most of their card draw/dishonor tech during battle. If it is a controlled dishonor deck (i.e. not bomb), then I guess just let all your dudes get dishonored. Unexpected Betrayable dosen't hurt as much if you have an Ordered Retreat or Ring of Water. Save the Desperate Wager if you get it early game, as you may very well need to use it here.

MUST HAVES. These cards are vital to the deck. Best gold, personalites, and fate cards in the game IMO. They allow me to win faster, and limit what my opponent can do to me.
Shiba Aikune
Hida Sozen xp2
3 Daidoji Gempachi
A New Wall
3 Secluded Village
3 Secluded Waystation
3 Marketplace
3 Famous Bazaar
3 Draw Your Blade
3 Furious Assault
3 Hired Killer
3 Stay Your Blade

KINDA COOLS. These cards are highly valued by myself, and when used together help the deck run much smoother and more effective. However, here is where you can start to make changes to the basic structure. If you want to run lots of movement, then obviously you'd cut Winter Warfare. If you wanted to play honor, then cut the Family Library for Governor Court. I strongly encourage the use of Etsui and Tsimaru, but they are not a must have in every deck.
Tsuruchi Etsui
Bayushi Tsimaru
Daidoji Kikaze
Moto Chen
Winter Warfare
Shrine to Funk
3 Family Library
3 Versatile Army
3 Ordered Retreat
2 Shuten Doji's Fury
2 Desperate Wager
2 Doomed Intentions
3 Wandering Budoka
2 Traveling Ronin
Ring of Water

DOESN'T REALLY MATTERS. These cards could be anything. Most of them are situational and based on player preference. Again it depends on what type of deck you are wanting to build and what your win condition is.
Hida Rikyu
Moto Choon-Yei
Doji Domotai
Doji Jun'Ai
Asako Bairei
2 Daidoji Yaichiro
3 Daidoji Akagi
I Am Ready
Castle Gate
3 Fortunes Smile
3 Dissent
2 Ruthless Advance
2 Standing Fast

Draw Your Blade is good all the time. Fortunes Smile is good some of the times. Now that said, I will probably end up dropping 1 Fortunes Smile for a 3rd Standing Fast. More than anything else, this helps me against the horde decks and killing stupid Benika followers.

To include 4 Brothers in Arms, I'd probably drop: 1 Wandering Budoka, 1 Versatile Army, and 2 Ruthless Advance. There have been just too many games where I can't threaten a province on turn 4. Not sure how I will change the deck once Words and Deeds becomes legal since I haven't really had time to look over the set.
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